Feb 2024 – Dryandra Street Woodland

On the 7th of February, Janet Stein showed a group of 15 field naturalists a surprisingly diverse patch of bushland at Dryandra St., O’Connor. It is sandwiched between three main roads, and until recently had been long-neglected.

We spent more than two hours there on pleasant summer morning. It was warm enough for insect activity, but not too hot for bird activity.

There were stands of Eucalyptus mannifera at the start of the walk, which gave way to E. rossii and then E. marchrorhynca as aspect changed. Mid-storey was dominated by acacias.  In the lower landscape we followed a creek line where a few Crinia signifiera (Common Eastern Froglet) were calling.

Goodenia hederacea (Ivy Goodenia) was in flower, as were a few Dillwynia phylicoides (Parrot-pea), and where there was no canopy cover, Xerochrysum viscosum (Sticky Everlasting) and Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Common Everlasting) daisies were flowering in profusion. Also, some Einadia nutans (Climbing Saltbush) were seen bearing small red fruit.

Claudia provided a special highlight by pointing out a likely Indigenous marker tree. It was an old E. rossii with two branches that had been fused together when they were young.

The species observed on the day are listed below. They are a small subset of those documented on Canberra Nature Map:


–   John Stein



Local native:

Acacia buxifolia subsp. buxifolia (Box-leaf Wattle)

Acacia genistifolia (Early Wattle)

Acacia mearnsii (Black Wattle)

Acacia sp hybrid (baileyana x mearnsii?)

Cassinia longifolia (Shiny Cassinia, Cauliflower Bush)

Cassinia quinquefaria (Rosemary Cassinia)

Cassinia sifton (Sifton Bush, Chinese Shrub)

Cassytha sp. (Dodder)

Cheilanthes sieberi (Rock Fern)

Chloris truncata (Windmill Grass)

Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Common Everlasting)

Coronidium oxylepis subsp. lanatum (Woolly Pointed Everlasting)

Daviesia mimosoides (Bitter Pea)

Dianella revoluta var. revoluta (Black-Anther Flax Lily)

Dillwynia phylicoides (Parrot-pea)

Einadia nutans (Climbing Saltbush)

Eucalyptus macrorhyncha (Red Stringybark)

Eucalyptus mannifera (Brittle Gum)

Eucalyptus rossii (Inland Scribbly Gum)

Exocarpos cupressiformis (Cherry Ballart)

Goodenia hederacea (Ivy Goodenia)

Grevillea alpina (Mountain Grevillea / Cat’s Claws Grevillea)

Hardenbergia violacea (False Sarsaparilla)

Hydrocotyle laxiflora

Panicum effusum (hairy panic)

Pimelea linifolia (Slender Rice Flower)

Indigofera australis subsp. australis (Australian Indigo)

Senecio sp. (Fireweed)

Stylidium graminifolium (Grass Triggerplant)

Themeda triandra (Kangaroo Grass)

Vittadinia sp (New Holland Daisy)

Wahlenbergia sp.(Bluebell) 

Xerochrysum viscosum (Sticky Everlasting)

Non-local native:

Austrostipa aristiglumis (Plains Grass)

Grevillea “Canberra Gem”    (Grevillea rosmarinifolia x juniperina (Hybrid))

Hakea sp.


Amaryllis belladonna (Naked Ladies, Belladonna Lily)

Briza maxima (Quaking Grass, Blowfly Grass)

Centaurium sp. (Centaury)

Eragrostis curvula (African Lovegrass)

Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort)

Ligustrum sinense (Narrow-leaf Privet, Chinese Privet)

Paspalum dilatatum (Paspalum)

Photinia serratifolia (Chinese Photinia)

Rubus anglocandicans (Blackberry)

Erigeron sumatrensis (Tall Fleabane)


      Trametes versicolor (Turkey tail)

      Trametes coccinea (Southern Cinnabar Polypore, previously Scarlet Bracket)

      One other


Acanthiza pusilla (Brown Thornbill)

Cacatua galerita (Sulphur-crested Cockatoo)

Cormobates leucophaea (White-throated Treecreeper)

Eopsaltria australis (Eastern Yellow Robin)

Corvus coronoides (Australian Raven)

Grallina cyanoleuca (Magpie-lark)

Malurus cyaneus (Superb Fairywren)

Manorina melanocephala (Noisy Miner)

Neochmia temporalis (Red browed Finch)

Platycercus elegans (Crimson Rosella)

Cracticus torquatus (Grey Butcher Bird)

Rhipidura albiscapa (Grey Fantail)


Apoidea: Bees

      Apis mellifera

      Lasioglossum sp (Chilalictus)

Lepidoptera: Moths and Butterflies

             Heteronympha merope (Common Brown Butterfly)

             Junonia villida (Meadow Argus)

             Zizina labradus (Common Grass-Blue Butterfly)

      Clania lewinii (Lewin’s case moth)

             Clania ignobilis (Faggot Case Moth)

      Geometridae sp caterpillar (Geometer moth)

      Macrobathra chrysotoxa

      Scopula rubraria (Plantain moth)

Coleoptera: Beetles

      Aporocera consors

      Paropsisterna fastidiosa

      Paropsisterna cloelia

      Dicranosterna immaculata

      Ecnolagria grandis

      Perperus Genus (weevil)

      Chauliognathus lugubris

Hemiptera: True bugs

      Amorbus rubiginosus – various instars

      Oechalia schellenbergii – 2 different instars

      Rayieria acaciae

      Ocirrhoe unimaculata

 Orthoptera: Grasshoppers etc

       Macrotona securiformis

       Conocephalomima barameda

Diptera: Flies

      Odontomyia hunterii

      3 types of Robber Flies

             Crane Fly

      Stomorhina sp

      Leptotarsus clavatus

Odonata: Dragonflies

      Orthetrum caledonicum


      Drymaplaneta communis (cockroach)

      Melanococcus sp (mealy bug)

      Chaetophyes compacta

      Perga affinis (spitfire)

      Planthopper – unidentified 


           Skink – unidentified  


           Crinia signifiera (Common Eastern Froglet)