Dec 2023 – Mt. Painter

On 3rd December, Cec took a group of Field Naturalists to a part of Mt Painter that was new for many of us – the lower western slopes.

We were immediately greeted by a circling pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles who remained visible for much of our walk. Altogether 21 bird species were sighted or heard.

Another feature of the day was the number of Common Brown butterflies encountered. There were thousands, and they were all males on the wing. A solitary female was observed in the grass, keeping very quiet and still. Many other insects were seen too, active early in the morning warmth. There were beetles and bugs, including the striking Orange Assassin bug, and the small Silver Princess cicadas were calling. A Southern Ticking Ambertail cicada even landed on Judy’s hat.

A mauve flowering daisy was identified as Vittadinia gracilis (New Holland Daisy). Also, several different species of fungus were found, encouraged by recent rain.

Thanks to Cec we had a very enjoyable morning.

– John Stein