Sep 2022 – Gossan Hill

The September Field Nats excursion was to Gossan Hill, and for some, a return to the cars via parts of Flea Bog Flats. It was led by John and Janet.

Usually entering the reserve at the Hayden Drive entrance, this was the first time I had entered via the south-western entrance from Clewes Place.

It wasn’t long before we found some early flowering orchids, mostly Cyanicula caerulea (Blue fingers) and a smaller number of Caladenia fuscata (Dusky fingers).

While some kept a list of native plant species I don’t have the list I’ve found that the plant species isn’t as diverse as at other reserves I frequent. This will no doubt be disputed but from the species with which I am familiar, there were several species of Acacia, the Hardenbergias were well in flower and the Glycine lilies were just starting to emerge. Cryptandra amara were common.

Sandra kept a comprehensive list of birds, which included a number of species I obviously missed, including the magnificent Wedged-tail eagle. We did however, observe a Galah carrying a Eucalyptus twig to a hollow, where it vainly tried to insert it into its nesting hollow, ultimately failing and dropping the twig.

It was at about this point that group split in two, some opting for the shortcut route back to the cars, while the rest opted to continue and loop back through Flea Bog Flats.

– Alison Milton

Photo by Alison Milton